Phiten Technology Explained

Phiten, the company was founded by Yoshihiro Hirata. He operated a chiropractic clinic in Japan, and discovered a way to aid in his patient’s physical pain. Word of mouth spread and his products became very popular. He eventually quit his private practice and devoted his time to developing the Phiten products. In 1983 he formed the Phiten Company. By 1998 they had expanded to the United States and in 2001 Aqua – Titanium was born, which led the way for this technology to be used in fabrics. From this the infamous Phiten Titanium Necklace emerged! In Japan the necklace was referred to as Rakuwa.

Hirata developed his company with the idea of good health and well-being. Not a stretch, considering his background in pain management for his patients. The heart of this idea is Aqua Metals, or metals that are broken down into microscopic size and submersed in water. Aqua-Titanium is based upon this technology. Titanium is normally a lightweight and insoluble metal used in medical devices due to its non-corrosive and hypoallergenic properties. They found that titanium in its solid state is not suitable for exercise-specific uses, which led to Aqua-Titanium.

Aqua-Titanium is utilized as a dye and embedded into products made from fabric, including necklaces and bracelets. This process starts with pure water, and then titanium is dissolved into the water. As more titanium is dissolved the concentration of titanium to water naturally increases. This process creates Micro Titanium Spheres. Aqua Titanium is the result. Micro Titanium Spheres are used in the silicone products such as the Phiten Necklace and the Phiten Bracelet. Phiten actually has an Aqua Gold technology has well. This is used in their liquid products such as skin and hair care products.

Many professional athletes wear the Phiten products and confirm the notion of increased athletic performance, pain and stress reduction. The company does not, however only cater to professional athletes. They know that everybody can benefit from their products. Everyday life has as many or more stress factors as the pros. The philosophy at the company is everyone needs better health and more energy.

There has been much debate on the validity of the Phiten Company claims. There is limited scientific research or proof. It is generally agreed that it causes no harm. If a person suffers from fatigue or minor aches and pains it would seem worth it to give the products a chance.