New Technology in Diamond Properties Analysis

Isee2 company has developed a technology that works as a retail selling aid allowing buyers to measure the beauty of a diamond beyond its classically graded properties.

A diamond’s beauty is its selling quality and can differentiate between diamonds graded alike is that something that makes an exceptional diamond outshine the others. Isee2 technology can make such detail analysis.

How it works

The technology is based on a software that analyzes the diamond with the help of two devices: one measuring the cut quality aspects while the other is a high power magnifier used to read the ionized inscription on the table of every Isee2 diamond.

The diamond is scanned by a camera that sends the images to a computer which processes 48 different lighting positions during its calculations. Thus are made objective evaluations of: the amount of light returned from the diamond , the degree of contrast between the 57 facets and the quality of the cut (brilliance, scintillation and symmetry).

Diamonds’ appearance differ when observed in diffuse/ambient light conditions. Strong light conditions emphasize fire and scintillation whereas in softer light the optical symmetry is emphasised more.

Unlike BrillianceScope, Isee2 performs its analysis in diffuse light conditions. Diamonds that perform well on Isee2 analysis will look smashing in softer light conditions. If the diamond is well graded on the BrillianceScope it will look stunning in direct light conditions.

This technology facilitates the choice decision by permitting buyers to be convinced of the qualities of a stone all by themselves without the help of a layman.